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The development of this material was partially funded by the National Science Foundation under NSF CAREER award “Certifiable Perception for Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems”.


The list of contributors in no particular order:

  • Luca Carlone
  • Kasra Khosoussi
  • Vasileios Tzoumas
  • Golnaz Habibi
  • Markus Ryll
  • Rajat Talak
  • Valerio Varricchio
  • Jingnan Shi
  • Pasquale Antonante
  • Antoni Rosinol
  • Heng Yang
  • Yun Chang
  • Mubarik Mohamoud
  • Kevin Doherty
  • Stewart Jamieson
  • Ziqi Lu
  • Michael Everett
  • Lukas Schmid

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