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Lecture schedule

Note for current VNAV students at MIT: please refer to CANVAS to find the latest version of the slides below.

2, 3Basic 3D Geometry-PDF
4, 5Lie Groups-PDF
6Quadrotor ModelPDFPDF
7Quadrotor Controller-PDF
8Trajectory Optimization (part 1)PDFPDF
9, 10Trajectory Optimization (part 2)PDFPDF
11Image FormationPDFPDF
12, 13Feature Detection and TrackingPDFPDF
142-View GeometryPDFPDF
16From Optimization to Estimation Theory and BackPDFPDF
17Introduction to Non-Linear EstimationPDFPDF
18, 19Optimization on Manifolds-PDF
20Visual and Visual-Inertial OdometryPDF-
21Place RecognitionPDF-
22Bag-of-Words (BoW) and Object DetectionPDF-
23SLAM I: Formulations and SparsityPDFPDF
24SLAM II: Factor Graphs and MarginalizationPDF-
25, 26Advanced Topics: Beyond CamerasPDF-
27Advanced Topics: Dense 3D ReconstructionPDF-
28Research Directions in SLAMPDF-
29, 30Robust EstimationPDF-
31Deep Learning Architectures on 3D DataPDF-
32Geometric Deep LearningPDF-
33GDL and Graph Neural NetworksPDF-


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